Our bulk rock salt is custom produced specifically for our business and has the highest purity ratings and the lowest moisture content. All de-icing salt from Champion Salt is high quality and carefully produced.


Our standard rock salt is still superior to other untreated salt and here’s why: Our salt has a NaCl Purity content of 98% or higher, a moisture content of 1.0% or less and a ASTM D-632 sieve sizing of U.S. roadways.

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Our Champion brand treated salts are unlike any bulk salt you’ve used before! Champion Blue® and Champion Green™ are for superior de-icing. Use less product and melt snow and ice more effectively.

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Why Choose


The benefits of our treated blue salt

Melts Snow and Ice at Colder Temperatures

Melts Snow at Colder Temperatures: Champion Blue® and Champion Green™ excel where untreated bulk salt hits it limits. Melts snow and ice at temps below -5º Fahrenheit (-21º Celsius).

Environmentally Friendly

Champion Blue® and Champion Green™ are made with an organic corrosion inhibitor from processing corn. Our dyes are water soluble and safe for the environment while easy-to-see coverage on ice and packed snow.

More effective - use less product

Champion Blue® and Champion Green™ have a tacky surface, allowing the salt to stay in place on the pavement, and hence you spread less salt for surface coverage. Plus, it's more effective at melting snow and ice, so less product gets the job done.

Our Treatment Process

Champion Blue® Salt is Custom Produced for You

Our treated salt is custom produced in our proprietary salt mixers. We treat our salt on site, thoroughly blending it, resulting in salt crystals that are uniformly encapsulated. We can also treat on demand!

Our fast acting, long lasting Champion Blue® melts to a lower temperature than untreated bulk rock salt.

Champion Salt News

Champion Salt Sells Assets

St. Louis-based company sells Midwest and East Coast assets in two separate transactions.

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Salt of the Earth

A lot has happened during my 30-plus years in the snow and ice industry. When I first started, I would purchase salt by the bag from a nearby hardware store…It’s a whole new world now that I am more involved in the supply side of the business.

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Worldwide Mover – Fox 2 News

Champion Salt, a local company in only its fourth winter season, brings in nearly 400,000 tons of road salt from around the world to the United States.

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