We’re a bulk de-icing road salt supplier selling premium U.S. roadway grade de-icing salt to snow plow contractors, municipalities and distributors. Choose pickup or delivery for orders as small as a few tons and as large as an entire vessel.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and look forward to having the opportunity to be your partner––both during the snow season and in your pre-winter planning.


We deliver within a two hour radius of our locations.

Extended Hours

We offer extended hours during every storm.

Quick Service

We’ll get you back on the road as fast as possible.


Large supply: We have piles of salt waiting for you.


Our standard rock salt is still superior to other untreated salt and here’s why: Our salt has a NaCl Purity content of 98% or higher, a moisture content of 1.0% or less and a ASTM D-632 sieve sizing of U.S. roadways.

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Champion Blue™ Salt

Our Champion Blue™ brand treated salt is unlike any bulk salt you’ve used before, uniquely formulated for superior de-icing! Use less product and melt snow and ice more effectively with Champion Blue™.

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Servicing the Northeast Region

170 Allens Ave., Providence, RI 02903 | (617) 389-7258

Our Providence location is one of our largest, with ample bulk salt supplies to help New England and the Northeast region battle every winter storm. When inclement weather hits, our dedicated Champion Salt team is up before the sunrise so that we’re ready to deliver or replenish your de-icing salt supply.

Whether you’re a contractor providing snow and ice management for a few sites, or a municipality needing to ensure safety for your community, we’ve got you covered.

2451 Schuetz Rd • Maryland Heights, MO 63043

(314) 681-6477